Ban Jaiyairak, our first house (house 1, 2008 – 2011, since 2017)

Ōme glycomet 500 mg side effects Christine started her ministry in Thailand in this house in December 2008. She lived in it until 2010. After she moved to our main house, this house was used for work with children about one year. In 2017 we have rented the house again and called it Ban Jaiyairak. Its name reminds us of the big (in Thai: yai) loving (rak) heart (jai) of God. Renovation and redesign is now nearly finished. It serves now for the work with children on Saturday morning, every 2 weeks we give here food and soap to the poor, and since May 20th, 2018, we have here our weekly Sunday Services. Due to Covid restrictions there are now no work with children and no Sunday services.

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31001 In diesem Haus begann alles am 30.12

male gay hot São Félix do Xingu This is the house where everything began at 29. December 2008.

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31000 Erster großer Kindertag
First big day for children

Since May 20th, 2018, we have had our Sunday Services here:

The new kitchen:

The little external rest room building had fallen into decay …

… and was set up again. It is not yet fully finished, …

… but can be used again.