https://bengelhof.de/2503-viagra-online-kaufen-apotheke-97398/ At Thailand’s Children Day January 10th 2020 we offered apples, water melon, and small oranges at our local primary school. We were welcome there.

Marche-en-Famenne viagra alternativen rezeptfrei From 21 February – 13 March 2020 we flew to Lahore in Pakistan to meet Christians we know and support there and to get to know personally others we support. This year we stayed with Christian families, also during a trip of several days in the country. So we experienced the situation of the Christians in the country much closer. We were asked to preach Christian preaching in different churches and at services in brickworks as well as 4 teaching units in a Bible College. God helped us a lot in all of these.

levitra per nachnahme bestellen Véroia Our employee Khun Hwan had a serious traffic accident in which 2 cervical vertebrae were broken and she therefore had to go to the clinic.

Narathiwat amoxicillin 40 10 mg katze kaufen Soon after our return, on March 23rd, the curfews began, which were justified by the fight against the corona virus. Our ministry for children had to be cancelled without substitution, and since fever measurements were necessary for the Sunday service, but we did not have a non-contact clinical thermometer to measure all those attending the service, we had to cancel our Sunday services as well.

apotheke viagra kosten Manitowoc The fact that we can visit shops, bank and post office and have a large garden and that our Internet continues to function, we are personally hardly negatively affected. However, we expect bad effects in the rich countries from simply shutting down the economy for weeks. But for the poor in the 3rd world, who could not save anything, it is a catastrophe if they are not allowed to earn money for weeks and thus cannot buy food. The number of starving people could be in the hundreds or maybe even thousands of millions. Particularly hard hit now are the slave workers in the brickworks, who are not allowed to leave the brickworks because of their debt slavery. What do homeless people, who live on mild donations from others, do during a curfew? Christians help where they can. Christine received three times the usual amount of donations as help against hunger, and those to whom she passes on the donations help very efficiently. With 50 euros, an Indian pastor was able to give lunch to 140 people. A Pakistani family could be provided with basic food for a whole month with 14 Euro. But the funds are simply not enough to help all the many who are asking us now because they are hungry. These hardships affect us very much, also the lack of contact for the elderly, who often despair and then have to die alone without their relatives, an absolutely inhumane situation.

The care of the poorest people in our village continues. However, we have pointed out to them that they must reckon with the possibility that we will have to give it up if there are no more donations from Europe and the value of our pensions will fall dramatically. They must think about how they can provide for themselves.

At the beginning of November 2020 we learned that in the meantime it is no longer possible for a missionary without Thai citizenship to be head of the board of trustees of a Thai foundation. Therefore we decided to withdraw our application for recognition of the foundation, which had not been approved until then. God must now find other ways for this project.