effervescently google metformin At Thailand’s National Day for Children (January 12th) we offered fried meatballs at our local primary school. All the 19 kg were gladly taken.

paxlovid cost nyc Sint-Kruis We got again a 3 years rental contract for our houses 2 and 3. As Khun Oth no longer was willing or able to work the fields besides our houses, we got these fields also and now we are allowed to build or to plant anything we want on our rented land here. We planted a lot of fruit trees and pineapples for us and for the poor in our village.

http://skamasle.com/11169-paxlovid-price-us-45101/ Khun Fon and Khun O built a shed in our vegetable garden adjcent to our house 2 as storage room for garden tools, chairs, recycling material and other items. It is very helpful to us.

San Giovanni Valdarno ketoconazole soap price 75g Christine’ fundraising has continued. A big project now is the work of a Pakistani who cares for Christians who have to work at brick klns as slaves because of the debts they have. A contact with an old friend led her to support poor school children in Nepal.

paxlovid prescription sample Otrokovice Mid January 2018 Christine had her 2nd heart attack, when she was for a routine check up at Sai Yok Hospital. After 3 days there she had to go to the big provincial hospital at Kanchanaburi. There she got a better medical diagnosis and a better medication. At first she was very weak, but her strength increased again during the following weeks. Reiner stayed with her, because in Thailand the nurses cover only the medical aspects of the care, whereas the relatives are expected to do the other things. Because of the weakness of her heart Christine needed to sleep in a nursing bed with a steep support for her back and elevationfor her feet. We got from Mrs. Catrherine Riley-Bryan and put it into our living room. Therefore we couldn’t spend nights outside of our home and do travels lasting several days. Because of Christine’s reduced strength we had to give up the attempt to be present at house 1 during 3 afternoons per week. And it truned out, that someone else has to take over our work with children and youth. We are very thankful for the big help of the couple Khun O and Khun Fon, who do the garden and build for us, and for a woman, who helps in our household. During the months of October and November, however, Christine got a lot more strenght and a much better quality of life. That allowed us to reduce the elevation of the back support of her bed a lot, and we were able to attend the Church Camp of CTTm in October.

buy hydroxyzine hydrochloride While we were in the provincial hospital we thought about, how to organize a day time care for bedfast persons in our village. With this Reiner went to the administrative office of our province, that is directly besides the hospital in order to check, whether our program is in accordance with the regulations of the State. An official there took the time to listen to our plans and gave us finally the advice to write a letter to the governor of the province. In this letter we should write, who we are, what we want and what we plan. He recommended us to go for a foundation. Reiner wrote this letter and brought it 2 weeks later to the same office. There he talked to another official, who wrote us then an email as answer. She recommended us to have our own foundation and wrote, that we should turn for it to the office of our district (Amphoe). Reiner went there and got official material how to apply for a foundation in Thailand. We decided to set the purpose of our foundation to cover all the aspects of our ministry, namely the support of the Christian work within our church (Philadelphia Church International Lum Sum) and outside of it, a children village, social services at the village where we live, and services for the rural population in general. It is very important for us, that on the long run all these activities and especially the children village can be run mainly by local Christians.

Reiner produced then in close contact and unity with Christine the purpose of the foundation, the rules of the foundation and all the papers needed for the application to register the foundation. Khun Arun, Khun Paeng and her mother Khun Oranuth, all members of Youth with a Mission (YWAM) Kanchanaburi, decided to help us and to join us to form the board of directors of the foundation. They checked the things we had written. Then we met for the first session, elected the board and its leaders and voted about the rules and regulations of the foundation. In Thailand each foundation needs an office with the written permission of the landlord. As we didn’t get this permission from the landlords of our houses 1, 2, and 3, Khun O and Khun Fon offered us to build for us the office adjacent to their home. We accepted. After all things required were finished, we had the inauguration of our new office at November 2nd, 2018. If is very nice.

Khun Aew, a man from our village was very ill last fall. We had prayed for him. He had a very surprising recovery and got so strong again, that he even could go to work. He read in the Bible and prayed daily. He died after an illness of 15 days in July 7th, 2018.

Since May 20th we have celebrated our Sunday Srevice at 5 p.m at our house 1 instead of house 2, because we had heard, that people of the village are afraid to come to our house 2, and because Christine’s nursing bed takes a lot of space in the room, where we had celebrated our Service. Reiner lead the Service and accompagnied the songs with a keyboard. We preached in Thai, and in most cases Reiner, sometimes Christine, preached. Most of them who came are children and youth, and they all participated actively. We encouraged them very much to receive Jesus Christ into their lives, to have a close personal relationship to God, to receive the things God wants to give them, to give thanks to God, and to pray for themelves and for others. We encouraged them to give their own contributions to the Service. It has been or intention from the start, that they become dependent not from us, but from God, and that they learn to reckon on the victory and might of Jesus Christ today.

Khun Paeng (YWAM Thailand) is now responsible for our Children Ministry at Saturday morning.

Besides the work for the foundation Reiner has continued to learn the Thai language, especially new words, and his Thai has improved a lot. He looked up, what the New Testament says about the life in Christ. He wrote some booklets intended to be helpful for poor Christians. We intend to produce easy small texts on laminated cards about Christian teaching and Chriatian life. We envision a publishing house “from the village for the village“ for people without much formal training and unaccustomed to read books. May be this will be valuable for the rural population in South East Asia and elsewhere in the 3rd world.

The Holy Spirit gave us new songs in German and some in English and in Thai. Reiner put them into our website and produced a songbook for our Sunday Services.