https://blackandwhite.life/83026-sildenafil-bestellen-online-70272/ Our Sunday afternoon Services went on with a vivid participation of the children and youth who came. Reiner lead the service and preached often, sometimes Christine preached too. To preach the word of God gives us great joy.
Saturday morning Christine invited children and youth to learn English, math, buying, baking and cooking, and God gave her a lot of ideas. The children learned the real wages and prices. Biweekly Christine gave food to families and widows in need.
Christine got a sewing machine and liked very much to work with it. She sought sponsors who support sewing schools for poor and rejected women in Pakistan and India. They learn sewing in order to be able to work self employed and earn money to support their families.
Reiner did a lot to learn Thai. In close contact with Christine he prepared the foundation needed for our children village and our other activities. We determined the purpose of our foundation and he translated it into English and Thai. He put most of our songs, given to us by God, into our website and translated 2 songs of the Munich YMCA with permission into Thai. The children like to sing these songs in our services.

tadalafil hexal 20 mg preis Our gardens gave a rich harvest in fruits and vegetables.
Twice we had 2 young women from Germany and once a woman from the Philippines as guests in our little white house.
With our new two guestrooms in our little white house the guest room in our big house wasn’t needed any longer. Therefore we decided to make it into the room for our clothing and our laundry and Christine’s working place with the sewing machine. That gave much more room to breath in our house. Our big room got a new paint and new curtains, and our kitchen new tiles and a new door, that made the kitchen much more agreeable.

apomeds kosten viagra Damnoen Saduak Via internet Christine came to know a woman in Pakistan, who leads an orphanage. Christine decided to support this woman and to ask friends for money to support her. We see it as our way to ask God for all our needs and not men. We decided to pay the expenses for the money transfer ourselves. Later on we came into contact with projects in India. Therefore we decided to go to India in December 2016 for 4 weeks.

Saint-Jérôme sildenafil sandoz 100 mg kaufen We learned, that the former mayor of our village, who had invited Christine to stay at his house and stood with us over the years, had become severely ill. We visited him shortly before our departure and knew at once, that this was a farewell, and we thanked him for the good things he had done for us.

orlistat 120 mg preisvergleich In December, 21,  we got Reiner’s work permit as a Protestant Christian Missionary and our one year visa until next December. The next day we flew for 4 weeks to India to visit friends there at Rajahmundry in Andra Pradesh province.