https://zeitnahme-dataservice.de/33638-cialis-80-mg-kaufen-84230/ After her heart attack Christine became much weaker and had times, when she was very weak. Reiner didn’t want to leave her alone in that situation. Therefore we couldn’t go any longer with the bus of our bus line or to Lum Sum at village 11 to the Sunday services. We had to give up ministries outside of our home.

Opportunity beste sildenafil tabletten Since February we have employed a young couple. They are honest, reliable, and hard working people. They do everything in our garden and a part of the work needed in the house. They do the hard work and heavy lifting for us. They have a pick up truck with air condition. That is a big help for buying things at Kanchanaburi City, and even short trip to offices in Bangkok were possible.

cialis generika kaufen per nachnahme sluggishly Reiner has been helped a lot by God to cope with the new situation, even when he became weak himself in May, due to atrial fibrillation caused by a heart attack. He could put a lot of effort into learning Thai, and he has found a way to learn, that is good for him and gives him joy to do it. He holds our Services at Sunday late afternoon in Thai and preaches most of the time. Sometimes Christine preaches. God has given us a lot of help for it.

viagra online ohne rezept Due to her weakness Christine had to give up her work with children. Her strength, however increased during the second half of the year, and thus she had been able to offer free lessons for English, baking and cooking every Saturday 10 – 12 o’clock. Children have come gladly and regularly.

https://michael-rebhan.de/70074-viagra-bei-der-apotheke-62474/ As children, who came to us, told us, that they have nothing to eat at home, Christine invited the mothers to learn more about. These women live in a group of houses across the State Highway 323. Now, during the rainy season, half of them don’t have work and therefore no income. We support poor families by giving food to the hungry. On the other hand we think about, how we can help them to help themselves. And we asked the mothers to think about, how they can find new sources of income.

End of January we agreed with the owner of our house, that we rent in addition the small house near our own house. We rebuilt it to make it better adapted to the hot and humid climate here and suitable for persons needing to use a wheelchair. We were glad about the very good team who did the work there. The new house and its gardens were ready in October to receive guests. We have two sleeping rooms with a single bed each. These rooms are for persons who work with us in our project and for persons, who want to spend time together with God to get new strength and a new alignment with God. In November we had the first guests.

In order to create work for unemployed women we started to produce and laminate small cards with texts.

On December 26th we invited to our annual Christmas Party. We had more than 200 guests, our biggest celebration up to now. In order to have enough space for it, we rented in our village a facility prepared for parties. We couldn’t have made the party without the great helpers we got for it.