Dapitan online apotheke viagra rezeptfrei We care in our home a bedridden woman who can’t be cared for by her working husband and by her daughter going to school during daytime. She dies on Good Friday. After her death nearly no adults come to our Sunday Services.

promethazin neuraxpharm 25 mg bestellen Every 3 months we have to go to Laos to renew our visa for Thailand.

https://lowinol.de/30271-levitra-20-mg-bestellen-25392/ Malin Phila marries, and she and her husband live for saome weeks with us. They move to Kanchanaburi City. They come to our Sunday Service and Malin translates what we preach. Early summer the family moves to Bangkok and can’t come to us any longer, and we have to preach in Thai without translator. the first sermons are bible verses put together , and the longer the more we useour own sentences in Thai.

Weirton Heights clomifen ratiopharm 50 mg preis We had good and talented workers for the jewelry production, but we didn’t find enough customers. We had, therefore to finish the jewelry production.

Nowshahr prednisolon 50 mg hund kaufen ohne rezept In addition to Noi we support Ploi, a talented student. Her parents are too poor to pay all the expenses needed for a HIgh School attendance.A friend from Bangkok brings to us a car full of used good clothings and toys. She and friends of her had bought also food and soap, toothbrushes and rubber sandals. we can distribute a lot to poor people in our village.

We owe a lot to Philadelphia Church International Frankfurt, and were always treated very well by its leaders. This Church, however, chooses to go a new way during this year, a way we can’t join. After prayer, listening to the Holy Spirit, searching the Scriptures, talks with the leaders of CTTM and talks during our stay in Germany with our mother church we cannot but leave the assciation with Philadelphia Church International Frankfurt. We are now missionaries of CTTM. We keep our name, because the brotherly love (philadelphia) is very important for us, and because we want to be a church for all the nations living in our village: Thai, Burmese, Karen and Mon.

Already before our trip to Germany there were several instances, when Christine was very weak. In Germany she has to go to the hospital because of a tropical infection. This infection turns out to be so strong that she barely escapes death. After it she remains weak and can regain her strength not earlier than 2013.

in Germany we had a lot of encounters, one was an evening in the Lutheran parish at Heiligenstadt i. Ofr. in northern Bavaria. Reiner’s Father came from a village belonging to Heiligenstadt, and Reiner had maintained cordial relationships to Christians there for decades. The Missionary asscociation “Missionsverein Laßt uns gehen! e. V. sends us out and the donations given for us.

This year we have a Christmas service with about 40 children and 20 adults, most of them from the poor families of the village.