Three months set apart for God

accusingly doxycyclin kosten It is a custom amongst Buddhists in Thailand, that a young man becomes a monk in a Buddhist monastery for three months to prepare him for the life as adult person.

sildenafil abz 100 mg rezeptfrei We intend to offer young Christian men and women to live three months with us as a preparation for their adult life. During this time they invite God to speak to them and to transform their lives.

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dapoxetin apotheke Kamieniec Podolski During this time they can
come closer to God and thus strengthen their trust in Him,
become free of guilt, demonic influences, inner wounds and blocks,
learn to receive from God what they need for their life as human beings, as Christians, and as an adults ready to assume responsibility,
invite the Holy Spirit Himself to dwell in them, to speak to them and to transform them from inside out,
take into account that God can solve all the problems in their life and in the lives of all persons they encounter,
experience the love of God and to love and serve other people by living this love,
see the gifts God has given to them, and to discover the best way to employ them and
discover the central and fundamental calling of God for their lives.