publications จากหมู่บ้านเพื่อหมู่บ้าน (from the village for the village) and อ่านให้เข้าใจ (to read in order to understand)

Brodósqui cialis 40 mg kaufen During our time in Germany it has become a very clear leading from God, that we have to start publishing in addition to our project of a village for children. We want to serve the rural population, and especially the poor Churches in a rural setting. That means, that we have to write a very simple style of Thai. As rural people are not accustomed to read much, we have to limit our publications to not more than 2 pages. Those publications must give correct information, but must be as easily understandable as possible.

Karapınar preis von viagra Concerning possible subjects, we think at the moment about the following themes:
1) Why should I believe in God? Why to become a Christian and how? Why to give your life totally to God? How to grow as a Christian? What is love and how to live it? Why and how to read the Bible? Introduction to books of the Bible.
2) How to understand the world? Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Meteorology, Mathematics. May be we can give basic and understandable explanations about the things the students have to learn at school.
3) Basic things I need to know at home: How to prepare for a marriage? How to live in a marriage? How to educate children? How to use my money? How to use my time well? How to plan and manage bigger projects? How to care for sick and aged persons in my family and among my neighbours?
4) Christine likes very much to take photographs. She wants to produce appealing cards with bible verses and booklets.
5) We found out that there is a big need for really good material for the work with children. We plan, therefore, to produce material for the work with children. This material must have realistic and non condescending illustrations and have a clear presentation easy to understand.
6) God has given songs to us, songs which are very useful for our personal prayers and for our church services. We plan to publish a songbook, if possible also in collaboration with other Christians living at Lum Sum.

Orem cipro kaufen Two Thai friends are willing to translate these texts into Thai. We learned from friends, that these texts might be urgently needed in other rural regions in South East Asia and South Asia, too.