family houses Each family house is designed to accommodate 8 children in need. The age of these children should be from 7 months until 18 years.

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Levittown afilta 20 mg kaufen Each family house is lead by a leading couple. This couple is helped by an assistant couple and an elderly couple. This structure is similar to the natural setting of parents, uncle and aunt and grandparents. this high ratio of staff to children has several advantages:

  • The assistant couple learns form the leading couple. They start by simply sharing and observing the life. Under the guidance and supervision of the leading couple they learn more and more aspects of how to lead a family house, until they are ready to assume the full responsibility for a family house themselves.
  • With 3 couples it is much easier to give one free day per week to each couple as a time for recreation and for strengthening the relationship in their marriage.
  • We intend to receive children in big difficulties, that often need lots of additional attention and care.
  • The elderly couple has a place to live and to have social contacts, but can give very helpful contributions to the household.

lamisil tabletten rezeptfrei kaufen rosily Each family house has a bed outfitted to facilitate the care of persons confined to bed. Bedridden persons should be cared for either during daytime, when all the relatives have to go out for work, or full time, if there is no one who can take care. Those bedridden persons will not be isolated and hidden from the public, but be integrated as much as possible into the life of the family house and the children village. For the children this care should become a natural part of their life.

aprednislon 25 mg kaufen indefatigably Each family house has a room for guests, either a guest or a married couple. These guests share the life of the family. Hospitality should become a natural part of the life. We expect, that it is helpful for persons in distress to participate in the life of the family. More important, however, is our expectation, that God encounters the persons coming to us and helps them.