our vision

curiously legale rezeptfreie potenzmittel It started with a vision given to Christine in Jaboatão dos Guararapes sildenafil neuraxpharm 50 mg preis 2007 about a village for children in need. This vision has grown and changed since then. At the moment (September 2015) our vision stands as follows:

priligy online rezept Taihe At the center of our village stands a big church. All the buildings of the village are placed around the church, namely a house for babies, 13 family houses, kindergarden, preschool, primary school, secondary school, workshops that offer professional training, a hospital for children, a medical out patient care unit and a farm producing food for our consumption.

doxycyclin 200 1a pharma preis Bellinzona It is the aim of our village to help people in need:

  • babies,
  • children and youth,
  • bedridden persons which can’t be cared for by their families during daytime,
  • persons in crisis situations.

We plan to offer three months set apart for God to teenagers to prepare them for a life as adults in marriage and profession.

This village is intended to be a pilot project, that can be implemented and maintained by poor rural communities all over Asia with their own local resources only.

We intend to produce publications that should be helpful for people in rural regions and especially for the Christians there.


In https://blackandwhite.life/11532-metformin-1000-1a-pharma-preis-17928/ 2018 we prepared a foundation for our work. In August 2018 we applied for the registration of our foundation by the Governor of Kanchanaburi province. In the rules and regulations of this foundation we write our intentions:

Purpose of the Foundation

§ 5. The foundation intends
5.1) to support the Philadelphia Church International Lum Sum:
5.1.1) Christian services
5.1.2) Christian teaching
5.1.3) Christian work with children and youth
5.1.4) Christian counseling
5.1.5) Christian music: composing Christian music in Thai translation of good Christian songs into Thai, encouraging and helping other Christians to write Christian Music themselves publishing of Christian music

5.2) to advance Christian art in music, drawing, painting,sculpture, photography and other types,

5.3) to publish material in print, in the internet, in mass media, in films and by other means that are helpful for Christians,

5.4) to hold teachings and seminars in Thailand and abroad about Christian religion,

5.5) to build a village for children.
5.5.1) In this village children shall get a loving and caring family, if their own parents are dead or unable or unwilling to care for them, and especially, if they are disabled or have big behavioral or emotional problems.
5.5.2) For these children we shall need a special school with permission and in close cooperation with the Thai authorities.
5.5.3) We intend to offer vocational training in different branches.
5.5.4) The age of these children goes from the newborn baby until adulthood.

5.6) This village is intended to be a pilot project, that can be implemented, maintained and run by poor rural communities all over South East Asia with their own limited local resources only.

5.7) to help other people in need in the children village by providing:
5.7.1) daytime care or 24 h care for bedridden people with no one to help,
5.7.2) cost free accommodation, rest, counseling and prayer for persons in crisis,
5.7.3) a place for elderly people without relatives,

5.8) to help young adults to prepare for a life in family and job by offering 3 months set apart for God at the children village,

5.9) to serve our local community by
5.9.1) supporting people who can’t support themselves,
5.9.2) supporting high school attendance of children from very poor families,
5.9.3) giving first aid and medical care in the households,
5.9.4) creating a library in the village and encouraging people to read more,
5.9.5) offering free courses for adults and children,
5.9.6) teaching and counseling about sexuality and marriage,
5.9.7) showing them the value and the dignity of the rural life,
5.9.8) encouraging them to love and to serve their families and relatives, their village and the Kingdom of Thailand,
5.9.9) by building an agricultural and horticultural production with animal husbandry for the need of the children village and of poor people in need,

5.10) to do research in rural development:
5.10.1) What is the real situation of rural life?
5.10.2) What are the central problems?
5.10.3) Which actions might be the most helpful?
5.10.4) Which ways of building and of agriculture are appropriate and helpful for the situation in our village?
5.10.5) Legal and healthy ways to increase the income of the population

5.11) to publish material in print, in the internet, in mass media, in films and others that is helpful for the rural population.

5.12 ) to hold teachings and seminars in Thailand and abroad about
5.12.1) rural life and rural development and helpful subjects for it as: project management, conflict management, debt management,
5.12.2) marriage seminars
5.12.3) seminars for children and teens for the prevention of premarital sex
5.12.4) seminars for teens and adults for personal development

5.13) to do fundraising for the support of poor people in Thailand and abroad (We pay the expenses for transfer and for administration out of our own pockets.)

5.14) All the activities in the village are done in a Christian way, but the help is given independent of the race, the religion or the nationality, and it is never given with the expectation of financial gain or that those, who receive the help, become Christians.

5.15) The help is given in order to enable the people to help themselves and others as far as it is possible.

5.16) In no case we follow political aims.