viagra ohne rezept auf rechnung Christine continues to make fundraising for poor and needy Christians and others in the Third World, mainly in India and Pakistan. This work can be done using computer and the internet. We pass on the donations we receive and cover ourselves the transfer fees and the administration. We think about, how Christian life and Christian preaching and teaching must be under these conditions. It is important for us to help people to trust in God and to become independent from foreign help.

sildenafil kaufen rezeptfrei The Corona lockdown was a nick in the road:
Starvation aid to the many with no income now takes up a lot of Christine’s time.

docmorris tadalafil The children’s program on Saturday in House 1, which was held by Khun Paeng of YWAM Thailand, had to be cancelled. It will start again as soon as the schools open. Friday afternoon every 2 weeks Christine and her household help distribute a bag of rice, oil, canned fish, noodles, sugar, milk, coffee, Ovaltine, spices, soap, dishwashing liquid and dishwashing sponges to people in our village, that are really poor and needy. Some of them get in addition every 6 weeks detergent for the laundry, shampoo, tooth cream, and toothbrushes. We give to those in our village, who receive too little or no help from others, and to the poorest and most despised.

azithromycin 500 preis Government officials recommended that we establish a foundation. We defined the foundation’s goals in such a way that they cover all our work. These are the support of our community, our planned children’s village, Christian interdenominational activities and social services in our village and services for the rural population in general. It is important to us that these activities and especially the Children’s Village are supported in the long run, especially by local Christians. A foundation makes it possible to purchase land in Thailand, build houses and apply for visas for employees. At the beginning of November 2020 we learned that it is no longer possible for a missionary without Thai nationality to head the board of a Thai foundation. Therefore we decided to withdraw our application for recognition of the foundation, which had not been approved until then. God must now find other ways for this project.

Reiner continues to learn the Thai language. He researches, what the New Testament says about the life of a Christian in Christ. He writes small booklets that should be helpful for poor Christians. We want to publish short texts, easy to understand, about Christian truth and Christian life on laminated cards. In the long run this will be a Christian publishing house “from the village for the village” serving people with little formal training, who are not accustomed to read books. The material we produce might be helpful for the rural population in the whole of South East Asia and beyond.

The Holy Spirit gave us new songs in Thai, and we want to be open for new songs He gives. We plan to translate good songs from abroad into Thai. We want to encourage Thai persons to receive new songs from God and are ready to help them to write these songs and to publish them. We plan to produce a songbook entitled “Songs from the village”.

We are moved very much by the need of our neighbours. For some of them the income is not sufficient to survive. We urgently need ideas, how more income can be generated.

We need wisdom and help from God, how to proclaim the gospel in our village in an efficient way. It becomes more and more clear to us, that it is not our sending to do something for God, but to be at God’s disposition, that He can do through us whatever He wants where, when and how He wants it to be done. We become more and more dependent from God and experience through it a very big liberty as never before. On the other hand we receive ideas and insights from God in a way we would never have been able to find out by our own. By this way God can expand our work far beyond our own limits.

We see ourselves in the last phase of our life, and we are ready to leave this earth at any moment, when He calls us. On the other hand the perspectives and the the reach of our ministry seem to be now much bigger and more encompassing than at any time before in our lives.

We see very clearly, that the projects God has given to us by far exceed anything what we can do by our own means. Therefore we trust in God, who calls into existence the things that don’t yet exist, and who created the whole cosmos out of nothing.

Our visas as a missionary couple must be renewed by December 21, 2021.