donations for the Third World

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Our leading from God is to ask no one for donations for ourselves and for our projects.

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prepossessingly gute potenzmittel ohne rezept Via internet Christine came to know a Pakistani woman, who cares for orphans and widows. Later on we came to know Christians in India, who care for poor people. That lead finally to 2 travels to India. We visited poor people in villages and remote hilltribe people. In 2019 we travelled to Pakistan and saw there the situation of Christian widows and of Christians who have to work in bonded labor at brick kilns. We learned a lot about the situation in both countries and we came to know people there we can trust. We help people to cope with actual needs, but we want also help people to become independent from foreign support. Often small amounts are needed for it, e.g. 180 US $ or less, that an examined nurse can pay her outstanding debts to her nursing school and receive the certificates needed to work as a registered nurse. 45 US $ are often sufficient to sustain a widow in India for a whole month. Orphans can live by 40 US $ in Pakistan and 35 US $ in India. A simple sari, the main woman’s dress in India, costs 2.30 US $, a simple shalwar kamez, the main clothing fo women in Pakistan, costs 7 US $. Thus small donations can be a decisive help.überweisung-kaufen-50841/ As we pay ourselves all the expenses for bank transfer and administration, 100% of the donations we receive reach their destination. We have a full documentation of these transfers and inform the donors about them.