You are our Father.

define prandial Our Father, You are our Father, You love us, You provide for us, You make us complete.

Rockville paxlovid cost cash who is in Heaven, You are greater than everything, You are good and perfect. Hallowed be Your Name. We want you to be loved and respected and honoured.

paxlovid cost with insurance Idar-Oberstein Your Kingdom come, You are the Lord and You reign, and this is to become visible and effective in our personal life, in the life of our community, in our village, in our province, in our country. We don’t want to stand in your way.

how much is paxlovid pill Your Will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. Totally, immediately and gladly, even in the things you wish, you desire and you ask for very tenderly. We trust in You, that the things you wish are the very best for us and for all, and that you work in us so that we want it and do it. Give us this day our daily bread; everything we need in our life for body, soul and spirit. We believe, that you give us gladly, because you love us with an infinite love.

and forgive us our debts, because we need your forgiveness and because nothing must stand between us and You.

as we also forgive our debtors, because nothing must stand between us and others and block us. We believe, that You care for us and don’t let us lose out, if we are in unity with You.

And lead us not into temptation, protect us, because out of ourselves we are not strong enough. If we rely on ourselves only we can’t see through the temptation. If we rely on ourselves only we don’t have the strength to withstand and to overcome the temptation. We believe, that You have more than enough for us, that we can overcome each and every temptation triumphantly.

but deliver us from the evil. Break the power of the enemy in us and around us, that your Peace and your Love rule und that we and the people around us experience Your Victory and Your Liberation.

For Yours is the Kingdom, and the Power, and the Glory, forever. We confess, that all power and authority in Heaven and on earth is given to You, Jesus, and even here, where we are. There isn’t any question anymore, who will have victory, the battle has been decided. We proclaim that You, Jesus, are stronger than every power of the darkness, also here and now, and stronger than every situation. Today already the radiance of Your Light rests upon those who go with You, and it will become fully visible, when You come. Then everything must give way to You, and all of your enemies will try to hide from You, but must be revealed before you. Today already we believe your Victory and Your Power, but we ask with all our hearts: Come, Lord Jesus, to end the power of darkness and destruction. You will reign for all Eternity, and everything will have to bow down before You.

Mt. 6, 9 – 13. Bible translation: Modern King James Version