Why to give your life totally to God?

tadalafil abz 20 mg 48 stück 1) God loves you.
God loved the world so much, that He gave His only Son. (John 3, 16) God loves you so much, that He gave the best he had: His Son. God loves you so much, that His Son gave up everything for you: His possessions, His security, His home, His strength, His reputation, His health, and even His life. God’s love doesn’t change, He is faithful in all situations. He will not turn away from you. He will be always present for you.

Crépy-en-Valois viagra kaufen online apotheke 2) God knows, what is best for you.
God created you. He knows every atom in you and every second in the history of your life. He knows you better than you know yourself.(Mt. 10, 30) God knows precisely, where you are, with whom you are together, and what will come. God knows precisely, what you need for your body, for your soul and for your spirit. God knows, what is best for you. God knows it better than you can ever know it.

https://espauntravel.com/92684-sildenafil-200mg-kaufen-80817/ 3) God is strong enough to protect you.
God is stronger than everything in this world. He has given all authority in heaven and on earth to Jesus (Mt. 28, 18). Jesus is stronger than Satan, all demonic powers, all spirits, all ancestors, all bad influences, all powers here on earth, all rulers, all armies, all police forces, all persons with power, all persons, who influence others. If God is with you, you don’t need to fear anyone and anything. God is in control: Every moment and everywhere. Nothing can touch you, except God permits it. And if God permits it, it will be the best for you, because God loves you so much.

sildenafil hexal 50 mg 4) God can change your life, that you can do, what He wants.
God can change your life, that you love to do what He wants. God can change your life, that you can do what He wants. Your weakness and your incompetence is no problem for God. God created the world out of nothing. God raised Jesus up from the dead. God can make you useful and efficient. Jesus has come to destroy the works of the devil and he wants to do this in your life, too. He can break every curse, free you from every bondage, from every addiction. He can heal every sickness of body, soul and spirit in your life.

cialis 10mg kaufen 5) God knows what is best for those He calls you to leave.
If God calls you to leave a certain place and certain people, then you should know, that God knows very precisely and in the smallest detail this situation and all those persons. He knows, what is really best for them. When God decided to sent you away, He very carefully considered every aspect and every consequence of this step for you and for all the others. He precisely knows all of their needs and how they can grow better in Him. As God loves them so much, you can be certain, that God’s way is the very best for them. Therefore, if you go the way God wants you to go, you give them the best you can give to them.

6) God knows what is best for those He calls you to serve.
God knows precisely and in detail the situation He asks you to go. He sees all the things men can see, and He sees all the things man cannot see. God knows, what the real problems are, where the help is needed most, what kind of help is best and how and when it is most effective. God’s plan is perfect, and if we go other ways, the result becomes much less helpful.
God knows everything and in detail about all persons He wants to send you to. And God loves these people so much. He desires so much to save them and to give them the very best. God knows you to the smallest detail, too, and He knows, that there is no one else who can fulfill the tasks given by Him as well as you. He knows all your abilities: Those you have seen already, all the gifts sleeping in you up to now but ready to emerge in the new situations, and all the gifts He will give you, if you go. The best and most far reaching results will come, if God can do through you the things He wants in His time and in His ways. Therefore God calls often to go a way you can’t go by your own strength, but that is precisely this way, where He can act with His wisdom and His power through you.

7) God loves you, and therefore He gives you the freedom to say yes or no.
God asks: “Whom can I send?“ God desires with all of His heart, that all men will be saved and come to know the truth. God wants so much to give life and abundance. God loves so much all men on earth, He wants to do it through you, and He knows, where you can do it in the most effective way. Would you like to go with Him? Because God loves you so much, He gives you the freedom to say yes or no. But … in the first century AD Roman merchants reached South East Asia and China, but 1600 years later the first Christian missionaries came to Thailand, and even today less than 2 % of all inhabitants of Thailand are Christians. So many people died in their sins without the help God had already prepared for them. Why? Because God had no one he could send there. Do you love God so much, that you are ready to follow the desire of His heart?