Perfect Love Drives out Fear (1 John 4, 18).

sildenafil preis mit rezept You don’t have the perfect love out of your own strength, because nothing man can do out of his own strength is perfect.

asthmaspray budesonid shop apotheke Rushden God himself is the perfect love, and he wants to live that perfect love in us and through us.

clomifen tamoxifen kaufenxenical kaufen If God has the liberty to act in us, He destroys the works of the devil in us. (1 John 3, 8) He restores the things in us destroyed by the devil, by our own guilt and by other persons. God says: „I make all things new.“ (Rev. 21, 5)

rezeptfrei viagra bestellen Noāmundi God gives us His love and heals our hurts. He makes us safe and secure in Him. We can become able to trust in His good intentions towards us. We can trust, that He really loves us. We can trust, that He is strong enough to protect us from all evil. We can trust, that He really knows, what is best for us.

preis sildaristo 100mg Panambi Then we can trust, that everything that comes to us and hits us is under the control of God, and that God has permitted it. And we can trust, that God has permitted it, because He knows, that it really works for our very best. (Rom. 8, 28). You don’t need to fear any bad person, no matter how strong and powerful, no poloitical and economic development, no ideology. You don’t need to fear satan, his rule and his demons with all curse and magic any sort, because Jesus Crist defeated them at the cross at Golgatha. (Mt. 10, 28) If a Christian puts himself under God and resists the devil, the devil must flee. (James. 4, 7)

If the Holy Spirit has freedom within us, and if He can say to us, what He wants, hope grows:
Hope, that we have got already now eternal life and fellowship with God, the Father, with Jesus Christ, with the Holy Spirit (Hebr. 12, 23),
hope, that we have been seated already with Christ on the throne (Eph. 2,6),
hope, that all that will not end with our death here on earth (Joh. 11, 25 – 26), but that we shall see all that, and that it will last forever, without end,
hope, that all that will be visible to the whole world, and that the rule of satan and destruction will be broken once and forever,
hope, that even death will be finally defeated.

For all that you don’t need to be strong, but only to allow God to do everything He wants in your life.

Dr. Reiner Hennig, 31. 8 2014