wishful thinking

glucophage xr 500mg weight loss Kasama 1. 7. 2013 When you build a machine it is absolutely clear that you have to face reality in order to get a working result. The axle of a car has to be stable enough to carry the car and its passengers. The use of an axle that is only 1 mm thick for a real sized car inevitably leads to a breakdown, no matter how much I wish that this axle works. If I order scientific results to be according to my wishes and if I suppress other results, because they don’t appear politically correct, I deceive myself and the final result following from that misinformation might be catastrophic. If the driver of a car decides, that the thick concrete wall in front of him doesn’t exist and drives full speed against it, he ruins the car, himself and all those with him in the car. Many people today don’t want to face the fact, that they are free to make certain decisions, but that they are not free to avoid the results of their decisions. How rarely people ask today: Where did that work already? Were people really better off afterwards? Did society become healthier and stronger by it?

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