An easy way to physics

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When I worked as a teacher for physics, I attempted to help all my students to understand physics. I tried, therefore, to give explanations that were factually correct but as simple as possible. I attempted first a qualitative understanding and later on, if possible, a quantitative one. The students were to see the main structure of the subject, before going into the details. The subjects treated here cover most the subjects given on High Schools in the German State of Hessen in classes 6 to 9 (Mittelstufe) and beyond, except geometrical optics, which I see as an easy subject.

rencontre cougar amiens May this material be helpful for persons interested in physics, for teachers, who teach it, and for students, who have to learn it!

rencontre pompier gay Dipl. Phys. Dr. rer. nat. Reiner Hennig Preface 00 How to write very big and very small numbers

01 Measurements

02 Formulas

03 Mass, Velocity and Acceleration

04 Force and Gravitation

05 Mechanical Energy

06 Electric Charges and Atoms

07 Heat and Temperature

08 Molecules, Ions, Metals, and Currents.

09 Electric Energy, Electric Power, and Resistance

10 Magnets, Magnetic Field, and Electric Field

11 Maxwell’s Equations and the Lorentz Force

12 Energy Transport (non electric)

13 Quantum Physics

About my background in physics