abortion after rape

Sisak medtronic insulin pump supplies Rape is a terrible crime with horrible consequences for the victim.

Dhoro Naro site de rencontre sérieux pour les plus de 50 ans A child fathered by rape reminds the mother by its very existence of that crime. Does rape justify an abortion?

rencontre site serieux The office for statistics of the Federal Republic of Germany publishes the numbers of officially reported abortions in Germany. For the year 2012 the total number of reported abortions was 106 815. Out of these only 27 were due to rape. Since the year 2005 that number never exceded 28, in 2009 there were 14 abortions only due to rape.

potenzmittel generika online Mila For 28 children per year only, it wouldn’t be any problem whatsoever to find a family who would receive and raise such a child in a loving and caring way, if the mother would be unable to stand its presence.

massage rencontre annonce If every rapist would be fined to pay maintenance for the child and the psychotherapy needed for the victim, may be some of the persons intending to rape would think twice before committing the crime. Abortion means, that its quickly over for the rapist, and that 10 years later nothing reminds him anymore of his crime. The maintenance, however, has to be paid at least for 18 years. Thus abortion serves first of all the rapist and makes life much easier for him.

Miami Beach thai eskorte nuru massage spain The society as a whole is called to care lovingly for the rape victims. Abortion, however, makes it easier for a selfish and loveless environment.

To kill an innocent child is a crime. The horrible result of a crime, namely rape, can’t be made less terrible by a second crime.

In one of the richest countries of the world 27 abortions due to rape and 3326 abortions due to immediate danger to the life of the mother are used to justify the total of 106 815 abortions reported for the same period of time. That leads to the conclusion, that the abortion after rape is used by many persons as a welcome excuse for abortions due to other reasons, for example to avoid the monthly payments of maintenance or to improve their self-fulfilment.