Sexuality and Responsibility

priligy bestellen Human sexuality has two functions:

topisches finasterid kaufen 1) to bring humans to get children in order to preserve the human race, and
2) to create a strong bond between man and woman,

furosemid ohne rezept online bestellen as a stable and safe environment, in which husband and wife can complement and enrich each other and children can grow up and and develop all the gifts given to them. Living as father or mother means: I assume responsibility for myself and for others and I think in a long-term perspective.

clomifen bestellen ohne rezept To become an adult persons means, that I am ready to assume responsibility for me and for others.

viagra per nachnahme bestellen rezeptfrei Orhangazi A person, who says to teenagers that it is OK to have sex, even if you don’t want to have children and if you are not yet ready for a final commitment to each other, causes that these teenagers don’t learn to assume responsibility, but remain childish and are easy to manipulate. The unability to a commitment makes them unable to give a stable and safe life giving environment to the husband or wife and to the children. That means unhappy marriages and unhappy children. Persons who have lived a self centered selfish life will become more and more unhappy, ugly and insufferable. If these people determine the climate within a society, they make a hell out of it, and a society like this has no future. The protection of the weak, which is the basis for the protection of women, foreigners and homosexual people, will then have no chance on the long run.