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Photo: Rosemhel Remo Panganiban. Used with permission

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Bryan vardenafil 20mg preis Christine Margarete Hennig
In 2007 God gave me the vision, to build a village for children in need in Thailand. In 2008 He lead me to Baan Khaosamchan, the village where I have lived and worked since then. In Germany I had worked as geriatric nurse and cook.

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In 2010 God lead me to marry Christine and to go with her to Thailand and to serve there. In Germany I had worked as physicist and as High School Teacher for mathematics, physics and history.

metformin 1000 bestellen Important things for both of us:
God existed, before anything else began. He created the whole cosmos, everything visible and invisible through Jesus, His Son. Jesus is the one who upholds everything in existence by the word of His power.

Man, created by God in love, rebelled against God and opened thus the world to the powers of destruction. But God loves man, and therefore He sent Jesus, His Son, into this world. Jesus came into human existence with all its limitations and dangers, but remained faithful to God His whole life on earth. Being without guilt, Jesus took upon himself the guilt of all people and its terrible consequences, and by doing so He died for us. God raised Jesus up from the dead, confirmed thus the work of Jesus and defeated death. God has given to Jesus the highest authority in the whole cosmso highly exalted above all existing powers and principalities, including Satan.

Now God offers to all men the possibility, to turn away from their bad ways and to put their trust upon the things God offers us in Jesus Christ:
a) Liberation from guilt and sin and their terrible consequences for our lives, as separation from God, curses of all kinds, sickness, death and the unaibility to live well enough.
b) We receive the positive results of the life and death of Jesus for us: Peace with God, to be pleasing to God and to be in a relationship of love with God, our father.
c) God gives us His Spirit, the Holy Spirit, to dwell in us, to talk to us, to encourage and to warn us and to transform our lives, so that we like to do, what God wants, and are able to do it. By the Holy Spirit the love of God is poured out into our hearts, and we don’t need more than to let it out, when we are to love those we meet.
d) We come into an organic connection with Jeus and become parts of a great organism, that are connected to Jesus the same way as the members of our body are connected to our head. That means, that Jesus Himself speaks, acts and loves through us: Its not us, who do something for Jesus, it is Jesus, who does something through us. To be part of the Body of Christ means also, that things become hard for us, if they are hard for the heart of Jesus, and that we are glad about the things, that make His heart glad. Christ is highly exalted, high above all powers and principalities, including Satan, and we are put together with Him on His throne and rule together with Him. Already now we share with Jesus His glory and His power, even if that is yet invisible. One day however will come, when the glory of Jesus will be visible to all the world, and then we shall become visible together with Him in glory. That day, however, will not bring additional new things to us, because things, that have been exiting before, will become visible then.
e) Our calling encompasses much, much more than the things here on earth. Our earthly life lasts a limited time only and is a short and limited training for our ministry. If someone has earthly aims only and avoids the education God gives us through the suffering, that He permits in our lives, will finally reap destruction only, when all these earthly things will end. But anyone, who lives in unity with God and receives His gifts, can calmly relax his grip on all earthly things, because he knows, that God will give him His gifts richly. Therefore he doesn’t need to fear death any longer, because he knows, that he is safe and sound in God’s love, even in death, and that everything he will see and get is much better than everything here on earth.

God is love, and we want to receive this love and to pass it on to the persons we encounter.
God is good and has good intentions for us, He is almighty and has everything under control. He knows precisely and in depth what is going on and what is needed right now. Therefore we want to be at God’s disposition, in order that He can do through us everything He wants, at the moment, in the way and at the place He wants it to happen.
We trust that God will give us everything we need: The provision for our material needs, but also the readiness to do his will and His love to all persons we encounter.
We want to be one with all, who are one with Jesus, and to love all those, who are loved by Him.
We don’t want to build our own kingdom, but God’s kingdom, and we don’t seek our own honor, but God’s honor, and we are really glad if God blesses other people more than us.
We have experienced that God can get people out of utterly hopeless situations and can give them new wonderfully unfolding life. We saw it, and we believe this for all persons in trouble and for every problem. God loves all men with a tremendous love and is so eager to help them, and He is more than able to help them, if they allow him to do it.